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Learn more about the wide variety of programs and clubs that call Dover Sportsplex their home.



Cabras Football Club - Cabras Football Club (CFC) is a soccer organization based out of Morris County, NJ. Our mission is to provide accessible opportunities to play soccer at the highest-level to players and families of all backgrounds.  At CFC, athletes are positioned to become active members in their development while cultivating a passion for the game. Guided by the core values of integrity, leadership, accountability, and respect, CFC players and coaches are committed to succeeding together on and off the field.  Learn more here.

Dover Strikers -  Learn more here.

Red Bulls Youth Programs- Learn more here.



Garden State Elite Volleyball Club (GSEVC) - a youth volleyball club based in nearby Mine Hill, GSEVC uses Dover Sportsplex for its high school boys' programs. Learn more here.

Is your program or club looking for a new home? 

Our facility is perfectly suited for programs and clubs focused on soccer, basketball, volleyball and other sports (like pickleball).  It starts with our high-quality hard courts and turf fields, of course.  But whether it is helping you market your programs or providing comfortable areas for your parents to watch practice, we strive to give our programs and clubs more than just access to courts and fields. 

Would you like to explore how we can be a partner to help you succeed? For more info, check out our facility brochure. 


Reach out today -- we'd love to hear from you!



Triple Threat Hoops - Learn more here.



ARCMorris - dedicated to the care, support, and advancement of people with intellectual and related developmental disabilities and their families, ARCMorris visits Dover Sportsplex a couple times a week for some healthy recreation. Learn more here.

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