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Goodbye App, hello improved website!

Our Dover Sportsplex app was great, but it was always hard to manage (and expensive!) So as of February 2nd, our app will be discontinued. We apologize to the dedicated app users out there, but we are also confident that you will find our improved mobile site to be a capable substitute.

We run through some of the website improvements below. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! The updated website will is live as of midnight, January 26th.

Quick Links

The first thing you should notice is two new drop down boxes right at the top of both the desktop and mobile apps, as seen in the images below.

The links allow you to quickly navigate in two ways:

  • "Ready to Play?" is for people browsing the site. The links take you to our new sport-specific pages (more on these below) and our party page.

  • "Book now!" is for experienced users, allowing them to jump immediately to the calendar for their chosen activity, where they can check availability and book -- all with just a couple of clicks.

Turf Fields and Hard Courts

We used to break down our playing surfaces as soccer, basketball and volleyball but as we add the capability to play more sports, it no longer made sense. Now, when you book, your options are to book "Turf Fields" and "Hard Courts". It should all be very familiar - the main difference is that folks looking to play volleyball (or futsal, or badminton) will need to specify their chosen sport in our booking form so that we can have things ready to go when you arrive!

Sports pages

We also wanted to allow people to continue to navigate through their preferred sport, so we've added pages highlight the various ways you can play soccer, volleyball and basketball at Dover Sportsplex. As our activity in other sports grows, we will add more sport pages, but for now you'll find a bunch of additional sports on the "Other Sports" page.

Menu Options

We've rearranged some of our menu items to make it easier to find things. If you can't find something, just take a quick second to look around - it is still there!

We hope that these navigation changes make the site better - and easier - than ever. We are also working on some updates to the look and feel of our site, so stay tuned!

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