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Sponsorship Opportunities

>> Expose your business to thousands of unique customers each year<<

>> Advertise in prime locations in our beautiful, modern indoor sports facility<<

>> Tap into a variety of demographics: athletes, plus their friends and family<<

>>Take advantage of our strong and growing digital marketing presence<<

Social media posts

We have 1,000+ followers on Facebook and Instagram, and a growing presence on TikTok. We post 3x per week at a minimum. 

Reach your audience through our growing community

12 posts:

$750 / Year

A La carte:

$75 / Post

*Max 4 sponsored posts per month


Court / Field Sponsors

HarD Court SPonsors

Sportsplex Sponsorship Proposal.png
Sportsplex Sponsorship Proposal (2).png

Get prime exposure as the sole sponsor of one of our two hard courts. Only one sponsor per court! On one side, you get a 3 x 6 banner under the basket; on the other, a 4 x 8 wall-hung banner.

Hard Court 1:

$4,000 / Year

Hard Court 2:

$2,500 / Year

Turf Field SPonsors

Sportsplex Sponsorship Proposal (3).png

Get prime exposure as the sole sponsor of one of our two turf fields. Only one sponsor per field! You get four door ads (two doors per field, both sides) and a 4 x 8 wall-hung banner.

Sportsplex Sponsorship Proposal (4).png

Big turf:

$5,000 / Year

small turf:

$2,500 / Post

Sportsplex Sponsorship Proposal (5).png

only 5 available:

Sportsplex Sponsorship Proposal (6).png

$1,500 / Year

Facility Banner

For a limited number of sponsors, we have space for banners across the face of our mezzanine with prime exposure to anyone playing on the courts or the fields. Each banner will be 2' x 4'.

Sportsplex Sponsorship Proposal (7).png

only 3 available:

Website Ads

Our website gets ~150 views per day, both new customers browsing our site and existing customers returning to book playing time. Sponsors can choose a lightbox ad, or a logo/link on our sponsor page & footer.

Sportsplex Sponsorship Proposal (8).png

$500 / Year

only 15 available:

$3,000 / Year

*Website Lightbox Ad

*Logo on Sponsor Page + Footer

Sportsplex Sponsorship Proposal (9).png

EMail Newsletter

  • 1,200+ Contacts

  • 50%+ Open rate

Ensure your message is received and actually viewed by your target audience.

Sponsors can choose a banner ad at the top of the email, or logo (with link) placed above our “Quick Items” section.

Banner ad: 

$1,500 / Year (12x)

$150 / Newsletter

Logo ad: 

$300 / Year (12x)

$30 / Newsletter

Lobby Display ads

Our lobby display is seen by thousands of unique consumers each year as they enter and exit our facility. Use our display to update them with your latest news, promotions, and events!

Sportsplex Sponsorship Proposal (10).png

dedicated slide:

$300/3 months

*3 Available

Logo on sponsor screen:

$50/3 months

*10 Available


become a sponsor

Whether you have questions, are ready to become a sponsor, or are interested in creating a custom package, fill out the form and our team will reach out to you soon!

Thanks for submitting!

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