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Have your next party at Dover Sportsplex!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

IMPORTANT: January - April is tournament season, which means we will have limited capacity for parties and other events. We can still help you organize a great party, but it is important that you give us as much advanced notice as possible. Thank you for your interest!

Whether it is a birthday party, corporate event or something else, Dover Sportsplex offers a variety of options to make your gathering a success.

Our facility is perfectly suited for your sports-themed party. We have two hard courts (typically used for basketball and volleyball) and two turf fields (typically used for soccer). Our flexible party packages allow you to rent one, two, three or all of the playing surfaces. We can provide the equipment required to play most sports, and guests are welcome to bring their own equipment as well.

A unique part of hosting your next party at Dover Sportsplex is our mezzanine party space. Unlike a lot of venues, where you finish your activity and get shoved into a cramped, windowless party room, at Dover Sportsplex you get access to our spacious, open party space for the entire length of your party. While some guests play sports down on our main floor, other guests can relax in the party space and watch all the action. It is a much more comfortable experience for players and non-players alike.

Our party packages are designed to be affordable and flexible. Guests are welcome to organize their own games and activities, or we can suggest coaches that can be hired separately. Our staff will help you set up for your party and help you clean up afterwards, but food and decorations are not included. Our party space has a snack bar counter for serving, with ample refrigerator and freezer space. We can also help coordinate with local restaurants able to deliver food for your event.

Looking for more details and pricing?

When you are ready, reach out to us with your ideas and our staff will contact you to start planning your event.

Let us know how we can help make your event a success!

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