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IMPORTANT UPDATES: Open Plays at Dover Sportsplex

Affordable, friendly and low-stress -- our Open Plays are an easy and fun way to get out and play some sports. With fall quickly approaching, we wanted to put together a quick post highlighting our Open Play schedule and review our new attendance and registration policies.

Remember that you can check the Open Play page on our website anytime to see our current schedule, or to register for Open Plays.


After Labor Day, our new Open Play schedule will be as follows:

Friday 6p - 8:30p Kids Open Play

Friday 8:30p - 11p Friendly Coed Volleyball Open Play (1 court)

Friday 8:30p - 11p Adult Basketball Open Play (1 court)

Friday 8:30p - 11p Adult Soccer Open Play (small turf field)

Sunday 6p - 8p Friendly Coed Volleyball Open Play (2 courts)

We'd love to add more Open Plays - got an idea? Let us know!


With Open Plays becoming more popular, we've implemented attendance limits to make sure we don't get overcrowded -- we want to be sure everyone has a chance to play! Specifically:

  • Basketball - limited to 20 players per court (4 teams of 5)

  • Volleyball - limited to 24 players per court (4 teams of 6)

  • Soccer (small turf field) - limited to 20 players (4 teams of 5)

  • Soccer (big turf field) - limited to 24 players (4 teams of 6)

  • Kids - typically limited to 60 (roughly 20 kids per available field/court)

If pre-registrations reach the attendance limit, then no walk-ins will be allowed. Otherwise, we'll allow walk-ins up to the point where attendance reaches the limit. (In other words, if basketball has 15 pre-registrations, we will allow 5 walk-ins.)


We now offer pre-registration for all of our open plays. We've been doing this with our Friendly Open Play Volleyball for a few months now, and it has worked out very well. On our website, you can register by visiting the Open Play page. Or, on our app, you can filter the "book now" list to show all available Open Plays. To help make registration as smooth as possible, we've put together a separate blog post with helpful registration tips.

So please don't hesitate to register in advance - it helps you secure your spot and it helps us plan ahead. All sales are final, but if we end up with less than 8 players then you have the option of a refund.

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