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Tips and Tricks for booking during the busy season

We love the winter because everyone wants to play indoors. Great for us... but we don't want it to be frustrating for customers looking to book time to play. We can't add more courts and fields, but here are some tips to give you the best chance of getting the booking time you want.

[And if you want to learn more about ways to save, this blog post has a bunch of good tips!]

Play late! (now open until Midnight)

Time slots after 10pm are often the last to get booked, and we've just added 7 more slots per week by extending our closing time to midnight. (Probably not an option for most people, but we also typically have availability on weekdays in the early afternoon.)

Play on weekendS

Saturdays and Sundays, we usually have openings throughout the day on our turf fields. Hard courts are a little trickier, because we often host tournaments on winter weekends -- but hard court slots open up on Saturday and Sunday evenings after 6pm.

Check availability on our site

With our newly updated website - check out the blog post here - you can check availability for your preferred surface with one click. Just got to the "Book Now!" dropdown at the top of our home page, and select the playing area you want to check.

Book Online

This time of year gets very busy, and we have a hard time taking bookings on the phone. Luckily, booking online is easier than ever, and much more convenient than calling on the phone. Remember, you have the option to pay up front (and save $10) or put down a $20 deposit to reserve your time.

Book in Advance

Our calendar is usually open at least two weeks in advance. If you can plan ahead a week or so, your chance of booking the time you want goes way up!

Join our Facebook Groups

Our new Facebook groups are a place for you to connect with your fellow athletes - and also a way for us to share useful information. In particular, to help with booking, we will be sharing information about last-minute openings. So sign up now! (Soccer | Volleyball | Basketball)

We hope this helps! If you ever have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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